Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As a final treat (or trick, depending upon your perspective), I've posted my actual photo [for a short time only] over on the left hand side of this page, in my profile. Complexion issues notwithstanding, I think that it turned out all right. I'm not vain mind you, but a ghoul does prefer to look his best upon coming out of the Catacombs.

Here are a few nice adult costumes (above; Capt. Americette, Spider-Gal, Green Lantern, Silk Spectre and Exceptionally Hot Blond) that are available for some of you willing hotties to wear to the annual Catacombs bash - if you dare.

I promise to limit the number of alcoholic beverages that I consume during the evenings festivities, but make no such promises concerning my penchant for tearing off offensive garments. As a token reassurance, none of these comic book-inspired supersuits offend me at the moment, but long about midnight that is liable to change.

Take care as you troll the neighborhoods soliciting candy on All Hallows Eve, because some of us tend to offer tricks.

Thanks for your kind attention during the past month and hurry on back next Monday, I've got to rush out and have my fangs waxed. [Frankenstein illustration by George Perez.]



Chuck - Nice blog, sir!
and nice picture (of yourself)! I like the focus on the ladies -- keep posting and I'll keep coming back!

Sam G said...

Not a bad pic Mr. Wells!
My favorite costume is the Silk Spectre...hubba, hubba!