Monday, March 28, 2011

Rayboy's Review: Weird Worlds (DC Comics)

I’m going to do you folks a favor and encourage you to forget “Endless Events of the Green Lanterns”, forget “Flashpoint”, forget the politically correct character rebooting and forget about how sad most of the mainstream titles have become. Stop by your local comics shop and pick up DC’s revival of Weird Worlds before it runs its six issue course. Creators Kevin Vanhook & Jerry Ordway, Aaron Lopresti & Matt Ryan and Kevin Maguire are turning in a wild and truly fun ride on this mini-series. The anthology format book features a trio of strips starring established “bastich” Lobo, and two new characters Garbage Man and Tanga. These talented guys are pulling out all stops to showcase three very diverse characters within the pages of a single title. While Lobo hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to unleashing carnage on a grand scale; thematically Garbage Man hearkens back to Bronze Age books like Swamp Thing or Man-Thing, and that’s not a bad comparison. Tanga appears to be a cute cosmic chick on the surface, but appearances can be deceiving and you don’t want to get on her bad side. Visually all three features mesh well and give the book an odd kind of cohesion. I’m uncertain if any of the strips could support an ongoing monthly in and of themselves, so it is very nice to see DC give them this particular format as a tryout. Whether that is the intention or not, I’ve enjoyed reading this series quite a bit, and hey, if endless head-spinning bullshit is more to your liking just stick with any one of those persistent event series that I disparaged above. You’ve currently got about four dozen of those to choose from, more if you also get any of the hundreds of tie-in mini-series, specials and one-shots that generally accompany stuff that never made sense in the first place. *After he originally purchased these issues, my brother David passed them along to me to enjoy. Thanks, Brother Man, your generosity is appreciated as always. As for the rest of you, c’mon now, give Weird Worlds a try. Recommended!


David "your brother" Wells said...

Every time you post a golden age story, you thank Don "Zu-Gogo" Falkos. Where's my thanks? I GAVE these to you AFTER I dropped by my local shop to purchase them. I deserve an honorable mention or something for spending my money
on them and clueing you in.
You are my brother, right?

Chuck Wells said...

"Little brothers are the buck privates of life." I know this to be true from an old Peanuts calender David and I had when we were tikes ourselves.

He's right too! He did gift these books to me and after seeing his comment, I had to go back and check my own post, since I had intended to mention his generosity AND thought that I had done so.

Well, the comment wasn't there, just another portion that got inadvertently axed during the editing process. You see, I often furiously type away - freeform - and then have to pare down lots of extraneous verbiage. So I'm blaming the "editing" process for my perceived gaff and David, I've now amended the post to reflect your contribution. Thank you!

Despite the rebuke, it was nice to see you commenting here as something other than anonymous, as you've always done in the past. Keep it up!

David Wells said...

I read your blog everyday so count on continued interest on my part.
Also, THANKS for the amended post -
I appreciate it.