Sunday, September 5, 2010

The American Eagle in "The Post-War Peril" (Nedor;1946)

"Nedor-A-Weekend" literally comes to you a day late and a dollar short. Dragoncon kicked my arse yesterday (my wallet suffered some damage also) and although I didn't make it back home too late to post this fine golden age adventure before the day expired, my tired feet and my tired eyes and my utter lack of motivation pulled a trump card on me. I passed out within moments of strolling back into the Catacombs, all curled up with my warm pug, Bandit (who apparently missed me while I was away).

There is no specific title credited for this story from Exciting Comics #46 (Apr.1946) starring The American Eagle and his sidekick, Eaglet, so I've decided to call it "The Post-War Peril". The artist is also unidentified in the GCD.

Next weekend I will present the lead feature from this issue starring The Black Terror. See you then!

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