Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From the Dust Bin: The Scarab

I am a huge fan of the characters published during the golden age of comics (1940s) by Ned Pines under various company names such as Better, Standard, Nedor & Pines. These characters have received quite a bit of attention in the last few years, having been successfully incorporated into Alan Moore's Wildstorm series "Terra Obscura", after they first reappeared in Moore's other well written original series, Tom Strong.
Widely reported to be within the public domain, and thus available for free usage, it's no real surprise that other publishers have jumped on board the "revival" bandwagon. Currently, Dynamite Publishing, Image Comics and even Marvel Comics have series in development which will revive some of these very same characters (or in Marvels case, some of their own long-neglected Timely Comics relics). It's the golden age all over again!
Online scans can be easily located on the world wide web of Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Doc Strange, Grim Reaper, American Eagle, Miss Masque and many other Nedor greats. Bill Black's AC Comics has reprinted many of them in editions that are available for reasonable prices.
One character whose adventures are a bit harder to locate is the Scarab. He first appeared in Startling Comics # 34 in July 1945. Peter Ward was the reincarnation of an Egyptian priest. He would rub a magic ring and instantly be transformed into the powerful Scarab; with super-strength, flight and invulnerability while in this form.

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