Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Gal" Friday! Liz Katz

I know that this post is yet another in a long line of late entries, but by next Friday afternoon I will have worked nineteen out of twenty days (plus additional hours on top of that) - - - so cut me some slack!

This week's official "gal" Friday selection is one that is really long overdue. Liz Katz possesses the kind of stuff that dreams are made of!  Here is a brief description taken from her very own webpage:
"Sexy lil Actress, Model, Writer, Cosplayer & Muse. Silly, Snarky, Professional Eccentric, Part Time Flake, Social Media Powerhouse, Feisty lil’ Firecracker. Whether Hero or Villain she is still pretty super. Liz Katz comes from a state of mind. Half nerd on her father’s side and half mystical creature on her mother’s."

That about sums her up in my estimation, but further than that, she is one seriously smoking hot young lady. I've seen several of her video posts, and can attest that her speaking voice will also melt your heart too! I sampled a single photo image to whet your appetite today, but don't let that hold you back - - - go, surf. You are welcome, Grasshopper!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blackhawk in "The Horde of the Bat" (Quality; 1956)

Today take some time to step back to a simpler era, when most comics were just meant to be enjoyed as nothing more than escapist fun. This tale is from Blackhawk #97 (Feb.1956); originally published by Quality with beautiful art by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera. Say what you will about the popular series stereotypical Asian supporting character, but in “The Horde of the Bat” the plucky Chop-Chop heroically goes undercover (even against Blackhawk's orders) to locate a gang of bat-winged raiders causing trouble in China, led by the evil Lady Vampira. The Catacombs acknowledges "Comic Book Plus" as the source of this classic comic story. Note: The copyright for this issue, its contents and artwork belongs to the original publishers and/or the creators and is reproduced here solely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hermes Press to Publish An All-New Series of Phantom Comic Books!!

Starting in September, Hermes Press will release an all-new, six part mini-series featuring the classic Ghost Who Walks, helmed by super-star writer Peter David with artwork by seasoned veteran and Phantom chronicler extraordinaire Sal Velluto. Hermes Press Publisher Daniel Herman notes that, “When we asked King Features to allow us to build on the mythos of The Phantom we were clear that we wanted to expand the canon of one of comics’ greatest legends by embracing the character and his history, and by building on it. We want to create new stories that Lee Falk would be proud of!”

 Herman added that the selection of Peter David was the obvious choice as he is a known fan of the classic strip and understands its mythos. David has written extensively for comic books for over twenty-five years, as well as his own novels, television and film credits. He is currently hard at work creating a story arc that fans won't want to miss. David pointed out that, “I've been a huge Phantom fan for years, and even had the chance to work on him for DC many years ago. I'm thrilled that Daniel approached me about this series and I'm taking the opportunity to produce a story I've literally been thinking about for a couple of decades. I'm very much looking forward to seeing Sal's pencils and putting the book out there for the fans.” Velluto is also hard at work crafting the art for issue #1. “This will be a classic story that will attract both fans and those who have yet to enjoy the adventures of The Phantom,” he commented.

Issue #1 will be solicited in the August Previews and will hit comic shops boasting two covers by Velluto as well as variants by seasoned Phantom artists Alex Saviuk and Graham Nolan. A special poster created by Velluto will also be released at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con to mark the new series. “For the last five years Hermes Press has published reprints of Lee Falk’s classic comic strip together with our comprehensive reprint series of the Gold Key, King, and Charlton Comics adventures of The Phantom—now we’ll have the opportunity to add to that material with original comic books,” Herman said, adding, “We couldn’t be more excited and we think fans will be too.”

The Catacombs really thanks Sabrina at Hermes Press for allowing us to share this news with you> Check out The Phantom this September; I know that I will be grabbing a copy!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Gal" Friday! Patriotic Wonder Women

You may have noticed that the 4th of July has already passed us by. You may also have noted that my previous post indicated that I specifically intended to introduce a pair of lovely ladies on "gal" Friday - - - two Fridays ago.

Valerie Perez
Well, turmoil at work somewhat tailgunned that good intention on the first pass, and then again when I thought they might be more welcome on the holiday. A portion of my staff decided that trying to kill themselves might be interesting. One old chap ran himself full bore into a tree, and the tree didn't budge. He still lives but he is out of the picture and will not be able to resume his duties. Another old chap decided to throw himself down a flight of stairs at home. Fortunately, he is still with us, but now sporting a back brace and cane to get around during his convalescence. The latest incident involved a younger fellow who took a couple of days off last week at the nearest beach, and then spent six hours playing volleyball in the hot sand. Of all the things that might have gotten a little sunburned with such exposure, his poor feet took the brunt of the damage. The dude is in pain and now can't work for a week. All three were my "go to guys" when extra hours needed coverage during holidays and emergencies. Or anytime when I actually manage to take a holiday off, and when I left work each of the previous two Fridays, I truly had forebodings of doom; mostly because I've been this route so many times that my instincts are spot on. Go figure!

Anyway forget all of that whining, and simply enjoy gazing at the incredible Valerie Perez and Katie Cosplays [nee 'George'], and yours truly at the recent Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. These fine young ladies are talented, friendly, beautiful, and they both have a great sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to see them at conventions and other appearances. If you've not had a chance to see them in person, I highly recommend that you change your stars. These "gals" truly give cosplay a good name. Enjoy!

Katie Cosplays