Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Gal" Friday! Patriotic Wonder Women

You may have noticed that the 4th of July has already passed us by. You may also have noted that my previous post indicated that I specifically intended to introduce a pair of lovely ladies on "gal" Friday - - - two Fridays ago.

Valerie Perez
Well, turmoil at work somewhat tailgunned that good intention on the first pass, and then again when I thought they might be more welcome on the holiday. A portion of my staff decided that trying to kill themselves might be interesting. One old chap ran himself full bore into a tree, and the tree didn't budge. He still lives but he is out of the picture and will not be able to resume his duties. Another old chap decided to throw himself down a flight of stairs at home. Fortunately, he is still with us, but now sporting a back brace and cane to get around during his convalescence. The latest incident involved a younger fellow who took a couple of days off last week at the nearest beach, and then spent six hours playing volleyball in the hot sand. Of all the things that might have gotten a little sunburned with such exposure, his poor feet took the brunt of the damage. The dude is in pain and now can't work for a week. All three were my "go to guys" when extra hours needed coverage during holidays and emergencies. Or anytime when I actually manage to take a holiday off, and when I left work each of the previous two Fridays, I truly had forebodings of doom; mostly because I've been this route so many times that my instincts are spot on. Go figure!

Anyway forget all of that whining, and simply enjoy gazing at the incredible Valerie Perez and Katie Cosplays [nee 'George'], and yours truly at the recent Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. These fine young ladies are talented, friendly, beautiful, and they both have a great sense of humor. It is always a pleasure to see them at conventions and other appearances. If you've not had a chance to see them in person, I highly recommend that you change your stars. These "gals" truly give cosplay a good name. Enjoy!

Katie Cosplays


Pappy said...

Chuck it looks like you are paying the cost to be the boss. That is one unfortunate set of circumstances, yet I'm sure you have a contingency plan. Maybe you could get a couple of those babes you meet at Cons to do a little overtime for you.

Chuck Wells said...

Some time ago, I retired most of the schmaltzy lines that I used to use to entice wayward lasses into such arrangements. It seems that my general demeanor settled into the innocuous range, and babes became confused at my inferences. C'est la vie!

These days it is enough to merely stand in their presence!