Friday, December 14, 2007

Envy the Snake, fellas!

Rachel Weisz was cast in the role of Evie Carnahan in Stephen Sommers 1999 film version of The Mummy, adding an understated sexuality to her role as basically a female nerd who inadvertently unleashed the immortal Imhotep. Weisz reprised the role in 2001's The Mummy Returns and added another layer of "hotness" by showing a little skin and tackling some even more demanding physical stunts.

Sadly the next sequel, The Scorpion King, focused on altogether different characters and a wholly different setting.

Now a new Mummy film is underway, with Jet Li as an Asian mummy, but the lovely Rachel - now an Academy Award winner - isn't part of the picture, although film hero Brendan Frasier does return as her characters husband. Evie Carnahan will be wearing a new face as the part has been recast with a different actress.

So, like I said fellas, envy the snake. I sure would like to crawl all over the fetching Brit.

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