Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Counting Down to a Catfight in the Nexus .....

With the 2007 revelation that the multiverse still exists, and with all of the bizarre craziness currently running rampant within the DC Universe, it perhaps comes as no surprise that superhero tensions are running a little hot.

Apparently while fusionkasting several bad guys in his own dimension, cosmic executioner Nexus was accidentally teleported to the DCU. Given his dramatic personal style, physical skills and panache, Mr. Horatio Hellpop was immediately the center of attention. And now it seems that Dream Girl (Nura Nal of the Legion of Super-Heroes) and young Mary Marvel (sister of Captain Marvel aka the Power of Shazam guy) are trading insults and even threatening to assault one another in their dispute over which one is more suitable to be deflowered by the studly Nexus.

Not one to intercede unadvisedly, Horatio appears to be hitting the sidelines on this one, all the while preparing to get his groove on with the comely champion [whomever she ends up being].

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