Monday, November 23, 2009

Tell them Boris sent you ....

William Henry Pratt passed away on Feb. 2, 1969, although generations of film-goers knew him better as "Boris Karloff", star of the classic 1931 film version of Mary Shelley's early science-fiction novel, Frankenstein.

Today, November 23, 2009 marks the anniversary of his 122 birthday, and I noticed that the "The Horrors Of It All" blog is linked to Frankensteinia's week long celebration in remembrance of the truly gentle man who portrayed so many notable screen terrors. Since we're sliding ever closer to the holidays, it also pays to remember Karloff for his famous voice work as the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Boris! You really brightened many Saturday afternoons that I spent watching your movies on Shock Theatre. [The post title is a line taken from Bobby Pickett's hit 1962 song, Monster Mash!]

(Above; top) Photo of Karloff, the final issue of his classic Gold Key series, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery #97 (Feb. 1980) and illustration of the Frankenstein Monster by artist George Perez.

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