Friday, July 13, 2012

"Gal" Friday! Dannielle van der Walt

I first discovered twenty-two year old Dannielle van der Walt, a model from Columbus, Ohio on Facebook where she regularly posts new photos of herself. There is an unending supply of young ladies who network via social services like the one mentioned to help bolster their burgeoning careers, but not all of them – despite their looks – are truly cut out for this type of work (in my opinion, of course). The proof is revealed in how similar their poses are to literally “everything” that you might have seen before. I find it quite amusing how simply posting an appreciative comment, liking, or subscribing to each lovely “gals” feed nets you dozens of similar images. Which is really sort of disturbing to me in a way; consider how many young women present themselves in bikinis, lingerie (or often in discreetly less attire than that) with pursed lips, thrust out bottoms & suggestive poses for the eyes of all comers [um, pun intended]. No matter where you may stand on this issue (and let’s face it), I’m not a prude, all old dogs still like to ogle young fillies. Thankfully, Dannielle is certainly easy on the eyes and well put together. She definitely stands out from the pack. I’ve accumulated a backlog of potential “gal” Fridays, but the rump shot (see image; below) that she posted recently bumped everyone else out of this weeks space. Click on it to embiggen, and try not to hurt yourselves in the process.

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