Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tiger Girl in "Flee the Cobra Fury!" (Fiction House; 1948)

Tiger Girl (aka Princess Vishnu) returns to the Catacombs in "Flee the Cobra Fury!" from Fight Comics #54 (Feb.1948); originally published by Fiction House, written by "Allan O'Hara" and illustrated by Matt Baker. The story title for this golden age thriller was taken from the issues front cover blurb. Tiger Girl saves the life of a man named Quinn, sent by the Commissioner to map out the Valley of the Purple Rocks, but the Cobra has plans for the film being taken. The Catacombs is grateful to Don "Zu-Gogo" Falkos for providing the scans for this story. Note: The copyright for this issue, its contents and artwork belongs to the original publisher and/or creators and is reproduced here solely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

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