Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rayboy's Review: Haunted Horror #1 (IDW/Yoe Books)

Pre-code horror is the province of fellow blogger Karswell over at “The Horrors of It All” blog (see my links section) and his efforts extend beyond posting classic comics too. Check out the recent collection from IDW / Yoe Books’ to see what Steve Banes and Craig Yoe have culled from those not necessarily gentler, but oh so fun years in Haunted Horrors #1, which came out this very month. Six topnotch tales of terror from various early anthology series drawn by the likes of Jack Cole, C.A. Winter, Bernard Baily, Mike Sekowsky, Jay Disbrow and Jack Kirby & Joe Simon. Trust me on this, folks!  Forty-five, full-color pages of vintage horror from the pre-code era by truly talented masters of the comic art form is a "terror-ific" way to treat yourself to some quality reading material on Halloween, of all days. In other good news, this is the first issue of an ongoing title, so subsequent volumes will be more than welcome, and at a measly $3.99 a copy - pardon my French - but this is a hell of a better way to spend your hard earned sheckles than on the puerile drivel that the big two keep turning out on a quarterly cycle that reboots everything two to three times a year. I mean, c’mon! How many Spider-Men, Batmen, and X-Teams does your average comic reader actually need?  I highly (or is that “horror-ly”) recommend this fine book on any day (not just Halloween). Buy this!!


Andy 7 said...

Just got the Zombie and Bob Powell books for my birthday so I'm very excited by the news. Thanks!

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks again for the support, Chuck! :)