Friday, January 17, 2014

"Gal" Friday! Lindsey Duke

University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles is only in his junior year and he’s already a hot NFL draft prospect, but his girlfriend Lindsey Duke seems to be getting plenty of headlines herself. Since his Fiesta Bowl victory, even more attention has been heaped upon this stunning blonde, and the numbers certainly add up in her favor. He averages a quarter of a million or so media hits to her six million; and yes, she deserves a look (and there's even a bonus gal who is easy on the eyes too).

Wow! No disrespect to the able football star, but lovely Lindsey can definitely do better (you know, if she’s actually in the market for a fifty+ plus nerd or something). Anyway, since I’ve been slovenly thus far in 2014 and not posted any comics stories, I’ll make up for that by leaving you with a nice view for today as I induct Ms. Duke into the Catacombs as this week’s official “gal” Friday. Enjoy!

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