Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Gal" Friday! Candice Night

The lovely Candice Night is an American vocalist/lyricist, multi-instrumentalist for the traditional folk/rock group Blackmore's Night alongside her husband, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow). After approaching Blackmore as a fan, the pair struck up a friendship over shared interests and then entered into their combined professional and personal partnership in 1997. Seven studio albums feature Night's distinctive vocals on a range of soft-rock and renaissance inspired songs.
I spent most of the post-Christmas period suffering from a rare head cold and turned to her music to while away the hours. I thought perhaps some of you might appreciate my early "gal" Friday post as a nice segue into New Years Eve. Have a great year!


John on the Sunset Coast said...

This is your best "Gal" Friday ever! Had never heard of her or her husband until 30 minutes ago. I've now watched several YT videos. Can't decide if she's drop dead gorgeous, or is a hellofa singer of type. What the heck...she's both. Happy New Year

Neil A. Hansen said...

I saw Blackmore's Night twice. Brilliant band. If you dig Renaissance music with some really hipness and great musicianship, they are a must see. Ritchie Blackmore, originally from classic hard rock bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow outshines them both here. Everyone in the band seems to have a great time. Catch them if you can.