Thursday, June 9, 2016

Newsarama picks the greatest DC Comics Stories of all time!

Newsarama has recently asked its readers to vote for the greatest stories ever published by DC Comics and the list of those tales that were selected is certainly very impressive including classics (going from #10 to #1)such as “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”; “The Return of Barry Allen”; “The Judas Contract”; “Sinestro Corps War”; “The Dark Knight Returns”; “DC: The New Frontier”; “All-Star Superman”; “The Great Darkness Saga”; “Crisis on Infinite Earths”; and “Kingdom Come.”

An assortment of exceptional stories and/or runs that have become known as classics for sure, but an argument could be made to include other Alan Moore works such as Watchmen or his “The Anatomy Lesson” from Swamp Thing, not to mention classic Denny O’Neil-Neal Adams work on Batman or Green Lantern/Green Arrow too. Still since these were fan picks, it is hard to take too much of an exception. If for some reason you’ve missed any of these adventures, trades paperback editions are readily available for you to catch up on.

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