Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Kaänga in "Terror of the Bush" (Fiction House; February 1940)

"Surprise!" It has been a while since a new jungle post appeared here in the Catacombs, so maybe I can start doing something about that finally?

This story's title "Terror of the Bush" is taken from the front cover blurb of Fiction House Jungle Comics #2 (February 1940) where we see the mighty jungle lord, Kaänga intervene when the lovely Ann is kidnapped by the mad scientist, Dr. Wratt, who controls a group of man-apes through hypnotism. Kaänga does the heroic thing and rescues her and then the dastardly Dr. Wratt is fortunately killed by his own man-apes during Kaänga and Ann's escape. The writer and artist duties on this tale is attributed to Ken Jackson, who apparently provided both roles.
 Will be back again soon, thanks for your patience!


Gene Phillips said...

I see KAANGA back in those days had a more pedestrian art-style that what one associated with "blood and thunder" FICTION HOUSE. Thanks for the glimpse.

Charles said...

Wow, Kaanga killing the lion actually mirrors a real event where early taixdermist Carl Akeley got attacked by a leopard and killed it in exactly the same way. https://www.badassoftheweek.com/akeley