Thursday, September 10, 2009

1980's Flashback: Jonni Thunder aka Thunderbolt

During DC Comic's mid-1980's Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event, the company not only attempted to spin a single cohesive fictional universe out of decades worth of parallel Earth story lines; they also issued lots of mini-series and one-shots devoted to older characters that had fallen out of the limelight and new heroes utilizing familiar names.

Jonni Thunder was a female private detective who appeared in a four issue bi-monthly miniseries from February 1985 to August 1985. The series was written by Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas, and co-creator Gerry Conway. Veteran artist Dick Giordano handled full illustration duties. A small golden statue gave her the power to turn into a human thunderbolt, while leaving her body behind. Later on while appearing in issues of Infinity, Inc., the thunderbolt entity was revealed to be a hostile alien energy-being, who was defeated by being re-imprisoned in the statue, leaving Jonni without powers. Despite being created by Golden Age expert Roy Thomas and an implied suggestion of a potential connection to the Justice Society of America's Johnny Thunder, that idea was never expounded upon. Jonni Thunder existed on Earth-2 before the Crisis and was only briefly seen on the lone merged Earth resulting from the Crisis finale, attending a detectives convention.

A decade later in DC Comics Kingdom Come continuity, Jonni and Black Lightning have a child who became the anti-hero known as "Lightning", possessing the electricity-based powers of both of her parents. However, in the current DC Universe, Black Lightning's daughter Lightning, who recently joined the JSA, is identified as the daughter of Black Lightning and his ex-wife Lynn Stewart.

Jonni Thunder (aka Thunderbolt) is no longer mentioned.

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