Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rulah Jungle Goddess in "Death Image" (Fox Comics; 1949)

Today's post marks Rulah's swan song in the Catacombs, and at the same time serves as a nice homage to the 1942 film, Tarzan's New York Adventure, directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan and Johnny Sheffield.

Somewhat like the premise of that classic "fish out of water" story, Rulah finds herself forced to leave her familiar jungle realm and travel to the big city to take on a thieving vixen who has stolen her identity in order to bilk the public out of donation dollars - supposedly earmarked to help needy natives back home. This time the mob didn't realize that they had a tiger by the tail until it was too late.

This tale is taken from Rulah Jungle Goddess #24 (March 1949). Thanks to everyone who has posted comments on these neat Fox Comics stories and also to the unidentified person who originally scanned them into Wikisource the Free Library. I wish that there were more available, but I've run through all that they had for the time being.

As I have now run out of material, I doubt that I will be hosting any more golden age comics stories in the Catacombs, but I encourage all of you to whet your appetite for old comics stuff by visiting some of the blogs in my links section. In particular, Karswell continuously posts topnotch tales of terror in his "The Horrors Of It All", and Pappy's Golden Age Comics blog features a wide variety of comics material that is suitable for all tastes. You are bound to find something to satisfy your need for comic book stuff over there, so check them out.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have larger images forpages 6 and 7 of the last Rulah story ?

Thank you..

Very nice blog...I visit often.

Dave B.

Chuck Wells said...

I had one other person email me about this, but after trying again, I have to assume that the original source for the images is to blame.