Saturday, October 17, 2009

In Memorium: George Tuska

Golden age and silver age great, George Tuska passed away late Thursday night at the age of 93. His artwork appeared in such golden age titles as Speed Comics, Jungle Comics, Wings Comics, Wonderworld Comics, Mystery Men Comics, Captain Marvel Adventures and Hit Comics. He also worked on the syndicated newspaper strips Scorchy Smith and Buck Rogers until 1967.

For Marvel Comics, Tuska made an entire new generation of fans in the silver age on books like Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Power Man, Black Goliath, Sub-Mariner, The X-Men, Planet of the Apes, Captain Marvel and Iron Man. He also produced work for DC Comics on Superman, Superboy, and Challengers of the Unknown. He had a 15-year run drawing The World's Greatest Superheroes Present Superman comic strip from 1978-1993.

George Tuska retired from active comics work as of the 2000's, Tuska lived in Manchester, New Jersey with his wife Dorothy ("Dot"), where he did commissioned art. The Catacombs expresses its deepest regrets to the family, friends and fans of this great talent. I am very glad to have gotten the opportunity to speak to him in recent years on a couple of occasions at his convention appearances.

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