Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"The Forgotten People" (St. John;1953)

I realize that the Catacombs is falling into a common refrain of "writer & artist" unknown on all of the stories posted thus far from Strange Terrors #6 (Jan.1953) originally published by St. John, including today's golden age classic, but that all changes tomorrow. Yes indeed, the very next tale from this one hundred page giant will actually try the novelty of identifying the quite famous artist who drew it.

However before we go there, we've got to take in this eerie tale of a Native American doctor, recently graduated, and now back home to the reservation to serve his fellow tribesmen in "The Forgotten People". Letting off a little steam Dr. John Running Bear saddles up a horse and heads out for a little afternoon jaunt that lands him smack dab in the middle of the twilight zone (psst: Mykal is running a classic issue of "The Twilight Zone" over at his Gold Key Comics blog today - see my links section).

I have to say that even though this story's artist is sadly unidentified, the artwork is very entertaining. I hope you agree!

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Mykal Banta said...

chuck: Doesn't that "unidentified artist" thing make you grind your teeth? I hate leaving great art without credit!

And this certainly qualifies as great art! (and thanks for the plug)