Saturday, May 7, 2011

FCBD 2011 Photo Report!!

I spent a sunny & fun Free Comic Book Day in Charlotte, North Carolina with my brother David, my young nephews Jack and Sam, and our loyal buddy, Burt Dellinger at the "Heroes Aren't Hard To Find" shop. We love going to Shelton Drum's place for FCBD, since they allow every customer a copy of every freebie that is available, plus they bring in guests to draw free sketches for attendees. This years contingent included Budd Root, Andy Smith, Cully Hamner, Bridgit Scheide, Ian Flynn, Rico Renzi, Chris Brunner, Sanford Greene, Jason Latour, Laura Martin, Brian Stelfreeze and Matt Wilson.

Proving that the universe is fickle, as I rapidly approach my 50th year, it always astonishes me that so many young nerds, geeks and dweebs show up with smoking hot girlfriends who are seemingly "into" the comics hobby. That kinda shit just didn't happen back in my day. Sniff!

Although there were also many little boys and girls wearing typical genre costumes (Spidey, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman), this years adult cos-players were almost non-existent. A pair of overweight Carolina Ghosbusters were on scene with a fully-functional "Exto-1" vehicle, complete with sound effects. A bonus spillover feature that helped salvage the day, was the neighboring Starbucks, where lots-o sexy lady joggers and yuppies continuously came and went; gotta have some eye-candy to appreciate when you're single and needy.

The discount comics boxes drew quite the crowd, let me tell you. I managed to pull almost one hundred excellent comics from the $.25 boxes, and that was just on one side of the aisle, since unfortunately I became wedged between two large ladies who apparently didn't understand simple hygiene. Sort of lost the desire to continue the treasure hunt after that, if you know what I mean. Lunch at the nearby Fuel Pizza (the best pie ever) helped me recover from the free-floating vapors those mammoth chicks were giving off. I could say more, but I realize that I'm getting snarky, so please enjoy my FCBD 2011 Photo Report.

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