Saturday, May 21, 2011

Editorial Diatribe From the Catacombs: The Governator Falls!

Not only has Arnold Schwarzenegger put the next phase of his film career on hold amidst revelations that he fathered a “love child” with his former housekeeper, [Didn’t they used to be called bastards?] the makers of a planned cartoon series have officially pulled the plug on the "The Governator" project.

Schwarzenegger, at sixty-three, was set to star in the animated series co-created by former Marvel Comics boss Stan Lee (the most recent of Lee's late career/shitty ideas) about a superhero who lives a double life as a devoted family man. Well, at least they intended to make the cartoon true-to-life.

After Schwarzenegger so publicly hosed his wife of 25 years, and their four children, perhaps the former Austrian bodybuilder should step away from the spotlight. He is a multi-multi-millionaire and can easily console himself with other available floozies with bad taste. Maybe he and Mel Gibson should compare notes over at Charlie Sheen’s house on how to tail gun an established career by acting like an ass.
Don't do as I do; do as "I" say!


Anonymous said...

Just think how extraordinary it will be when "They" run this blockhead for President.
I'm so looking forward to that.
This being exposed now is kind of dubious. Oh, we just found out; Oh, it has been kept a secret for ten years... If you don't think this is an orchestrated exposure then think again.

Pappy said...

Well said, Chuck!