Friday, November 11, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Heidi Cortez

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Luscious Heidi Cortez is truly an entrepreneurial sort of girl. As an actress, model, producer and writer, she has previously served as host & co-writer of “Tissue Time with Heidi” on Sirius XM radio satellite channel, reading saucy, comical, bedtime stories to listeners at the end of the day; plus she released her first book “Heidi’s Bedtime Stories” through Simon & Schuster in 2006, and she has appeared for two seasons on the E! Network television series “Sunset Tan”.

For all intents and purposes, she gives every impression of being very well-rounded, and if those simple factoids haven’t convinced you yet, then feast your starving eyes on these smoking hot photos for further proof. Since Heidi also involves herself in such charities as Social Vibe and Direct Relief International, let me add that I’m feeling the proper vibes and standing in need of immediate relief myself. Yummy!

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