Saturday, November 19, 2011

Unessential Review: Captain Victory #1 (Dynamite)

I've been enjoying the Kirby: Genesis series from Dynamite quite a bit, but frankly red flags started going up for me recently as solicitations started rolling out for a plethora of spin-off titles from this still newly launched series (based on various properties created by the late Jack " King" Kirby). All that I can say about this particular spin-off book is, thank god for websites that post preview pages of current comics (often several days or weeks before the things actually show up on the racks), because just as I had expected, this is a train wreck orchestrated by a sorry excuse of an artist.
Take a look at this great Alex Ross cover featuring the good Captain, and his Galactic Rangers. Yeah, that's nice isn't it? Ross doesn't draw the interior pages, and neither does regular Kirby: Genesis illustrator Jack Herbert. The folks at Dynamite also released this steaming mass under a few alternate covers as if to cloud the issue. Sadly, some of us still have the ability to recognize shit from Shinola. Now, put your money back in your pockets, and buy something else. THIS BOOK IS A TURD WRAPPED IN CELLOPHANE.

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