Friday, February 24, 2012

"Gal" Friday! Alex Morgan

This year’s annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which came out Tuesday, Feb. 14, featured three popular female athletes as part of the magazines popular "body paint" series. One of the [thankfully] brazen ladies was U.S. women's soccer star, Alex Morgan. The twenty-two year old beauty wasn’t alone in her spread, the other pair of posers were Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin and LPGA star Natalie Gulbis. If you haven’t seen the issue, go check it out. Hard to believe as it is, this is the first full-on nude that I have run in the Catacombs (not that you would notice or anything). The excellent paint job allows me to slide this one past the censors, and has also inspired me to run some “nearly-nude” Fridays next month; so stop back in coming weeks to see what I can get away with. Man, did you catch the dubious double entendre that I tossed in today?

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Don Hudson said...

I bought the magazine just for her!