Friday, February 3, 2012

"Gal" Friday & "Classic Cutie"!! Stefania Sandrelli

Brunettes will continue to dominate Fridays for the month of February, so buyer beware. It has been a while since I selected a “Classic Cutie” for my regular “Gal” Friday feature, and since my 50th birthday approaches, it is my party and I’ll cry if I want too. This luscious blast from the past really makes me shed tears. Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli is famous for her many roles in the commedia all'Italiana (a film genre of Italian-style comedy). Her career began with the 1961 film, The Fascist, and she was only fifteen years old when she starred in Divorce, Italian Style, opposite Marcello Mastroianni that same year. Her film resume also includes Seduced and Abandoned, The Conformist, Devil in the Brain, Somewhere Beyond Love, 1900, Of Love and Shadows, Stealing Beauty, A Talking Picture and many other international favorites. The important thing to remember about Stefania is that she was quite generous in showing skin, and hers is well worth checking out. What a lovely woman she was, and she truly aged gracefully over the years. If you only speak English and subtitled movies don’t turn you off, seek out her fine film work or cut to the chase and Google an image search. Ciao!

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