Monday, August 6, 2012

Twin Wonders!!

Click to embiggen (lol)!
Sometimes life throws you curve balls, and sometimes crap just hits the fan. It isn't always easy to make "lemonade" when you're gifted with lemons; and occasionally you're forced to hang out with people who [to put it mildly] are crazier than a shit-house rat. It is in the spirit of keeping it light, that I present you with this op-ed cartoon that I grabbed off of Facebook recently. I have no idea what/when/how/why/who the source of this funny image is, and I futilely tried to make that determination before throwing in the towel. Laugh it up. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em; and as always - Enjoy!


Tony Laplume said...

Batman is now officially a member of the Bwa-ha-ha League.

Chuck Wells said...

True, but I actually admired how the Dark Knight was fully committed to getting "busy" in the cartoon. I mean, it's "Power Girl"! Who wouldn't wanna hit that?

Darci said...

Whose signature is that in the bottom right corner? It looks like "Prix"?

Chuck Wells said...

It's not "Prix"! At first glance I thought that it read "T.Fiz", but now believe that it is supposed to be "read as the initials "T.F." and the number 12. I can't currently confirm my personal guess as to who the cartoonist is, but if I can, I'll update the post later on.