Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh, Wicked Wanda!

Looks like the estimable Frank Cho has done it again, with this cover that he's provided for Ultimates Vol.3 #3 (of 5).

The Ultimates is Marvels adult-skewed, directors-cut-styled version of the Avengers, which explains the Scarlet Witch's somewhat naughty ensemble.

A once heroic character, Wanda Maximoff was revealed as being bug-nuts crazy in Avengers:Disassembled and its "ho-hum" follow-up, House of M.

Now it seems as if they only want to portray her as a floozy!

Well, its a great cover Frank, but you guys can keep it. Unless you would prefer to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

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thewhyfiles said...

hello, i happen to be the second model used for the wicked wanda series, i worked after 1976 at least, maybe 1977, i am almost 56 years old now. this picture, was this the first wanda? i am the one they called von kreesus. i can't spell it but the blonde was eva szabo from hungary originally , the african american lady was c.v.hampton, a stage actress i think from chicago also in l.a.the tall redhead, cynthia reed, lived on cynthia street by the comedy store, this was the good ole days. mg kelly has one of the original copies of the comic, he was a dj at an a.m. top forty station called ktnq, jack armstrong and nancy plum charlie tuna some dj named ocean they remember it , if you know them ask. angeline, the model, she knows. my name is fire wilson. its nice to finally share this!