Friday, February 1, 2008

TGIF! The jokes been on you ..... so lets review.

All right, no more bogus posts at the expense of DC or Marvel today. [But it's been fun!]

Instead, here is a review of "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes", a storyline that is currently running in Action Comics # 858 - 861 [and beyond].

I didn't pick any of these issues up until the latest issue (#861) hit the stands this very week. In the wake of Jim Shooter's return to the Legion in their own title, which I've enjoyed thus far, I became curious about the goings on with the 31st century gang over in Action.

Well, it seems that the promos weren't lying, these are the classic, pre-Crisis Legionnaires who find themselves on the run, disgraced and at the mercy of ..... the Justice League.

Of Earth, that is.

Steeped in Legion lore, Geoff Johns, Gary Frank & Jon Sibal are producing a bravura tale of heroism and nostalgia in this perrenial Superman Family title. And while the tale revisits what became of the old ("original") Legion of Super-Heroes characters, since the last time we saw them - - - What, ten-fifteen years ago? - - - the story literally has everything to do with the Man of Steel and his heroic legacy, which has been twisted to suit the whims of a a gang of former Legion rejects (who're calling themselves the Justice League of Earth), and who've outlawed all extra-terrestrials from being on Earth, ceded from the United Planets and who've ruthlessly hunted down the Legionnaires; that previously rejected their bids for membership.

Johns knocks another one out of the park, folks. If you're not picking up Action Comics at the moment, you really need to rush right out and get some. Gary Frank, Jon Sibal and the rest of the creative team are bringing Johns script to life on page-after-page of simply wonderful comics art. You've just gotta see the subtle redesigns of the classic Legion costumes.

My favorite, Dawnstar, and I'd have to be crude to state why.

Now, I don't know how the two disparate groups of Legionnaires relate to one another, and with the upcoming Final Crisis [ which supposedly features the Legion in a prominent role], maybe this will all get worked out in the wash. Suffice it to say that for longtime Legion fans, like me, it is a great time to revisit some old friends.

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