Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recommended (and on sale today): Justice League: The New Frontier

The highly anticipated direct-to-video animated film adaptation of Darwyn Cook’s acclaimed Justice League: The New Frontier hits stores today. Special features include a documentary on the forty-seven year history of the Justice League, commentaries, a documentary on early mythological villain archetypes that were adapted into the Justice League stories, a featurette on the themes & elements from the comic-to-film version of New Frontier, three episodes of Justice League Unlimited, and a 10 minute preview to DC’s next animated film; Batman: Gotham Knight.

An impressive lineup of celebrity voice talent is on hand, including Kyle MacLachlan, Jeremy Sisto, Lucy Lawless, Neil Patrick Harris, David Boreanaz, Phil Morris, Miguel Ferrer,Brooke Shields & Kyra Sedgwick.


Mr. Karswell said...

I've been dying for this to finally come out. Darwyn Cooke is one of the few modern comic guys that blows me away with everything he does. I don't think DC has put out a better series since New Frontier.

Chuck Wells said...

DC Comics is too locked into their yearlong, weekly drudgery at this point.

52, Countdown to ...., Final yad-yada-yada. Whatever!

In recent memory, I've only picked up the first couple of issues of Jim Shooter's return to Legion of Super-Heroes (which seems pretty good to me) and Gary Frank's artistic turn on Action Comics (currently featuring the return of the "real" Legion of Super-Heroes).

New Frontier was a very welcome series to me, steeped in the wonderful DC backhistory, but with some nice twists that elevated it beyond what the initial publication response may have been.

Mr. Karswell said...

Have you been picking up Darwyn's take on The Spirit? It's been awesome, even when guests step in for an issue.

Chuck Wells said...

I'm aware of the series, Karswell, but no - I haven't purchased a single issue.

I've probably read way to many issues of the original Eisner version to be interested in another take on Spirit-ual matters.