Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Profile Antics: Bill Ward

Bill Ward was one of the premiere "good girl" comics artists of the 20th century. His risque illustrations in various mens magazines could actually "draw" your attention away from the pages of nude photos - - - and that's saying something.

The talented Ward also logged some time during the golden age of comics working on Quality Comics features Captain Marvel, Bulletman, Mr. Scarlet & Ibis the Invincible, although his contribution was largely on backgrounds. He provided full art duties on select issues of Blackhawk before moving onto freelance work for another publisher and then Ward did a hitch in the Army, where he created his most famous character, Torchy.

Torchy really paved the way for Ward's latter career turn into mostly ribald, or more sexually-explicit work like, The Adventures of Pussycat, Stella Starlet, Sugar Caine & the sexual escapades of Harold Brown in Juggs men's magazine.

Bill Ward passed away in 1998.


Mr. Karswell said...

Ward is amazing, he really knows how to illustrate a rack. A friend of mine gave me a copy of The Glamor Girls of Bill Ward hardback and it's a gorgous addition to my bokshelf.

Speaking of gorgeous racks, you really gave me blog a whallop today with your comment on Valerie Leon's twin gifts to man--- which thusly lead to quite a few more comments, ha ha! Thanks!

Chuck Wells said...

Karswell, the single Ward illustration is from his book, Sex To Sexty, which I highly recommend and let me say again what a terrific blog yours really is.