Friday, April 25, 2008

1970's Flashback: Strange Sports Stories

DC Comics had featured "Strange Sports Stories" in five issues of The Brave and the Bold in the 1960's, but editor Julius Schwartz commissioned all-new material for his relaunch of the concept in its own title beginning in 1973 with Strange Sports Stories #1 (Sept./Oct.).

The admittedly quirky series had some topnotch talent working within its pages, Superman artist Curt Swan provided pencils for both tales in the first issue (and beyond), and Dick Giordano, Murphy Anderson, Irv Novick and Nick Cardy all contributed to the decidedly different stories published during its eight issue, bi-monthly run.

There isn't much info online about this series, and it is seemingly all but forgotten these day, still I do remember purchasing the first issue off of the stands and despite its lack of DC Universe superstars, the book was just different enough to fill an itch for something off of the beaten path and that's saying something.


Mr. Karswell said...

I should probably take a look at this series, I always ignored it because I pretty much loath all sports in general, but I bet there's some real fun to be had what with Satan on the pitcher's mound. Does he chew tabakky and scratch his jock?

Chuck Wells said...

But then you did create that whole "Shave the Lady Clean" thing.

As far as I'm concerned that's as a good a concept for an indoor sport as I've ever heard. Maybe I'll cruise the local college this afternoon and see if there are any willing young lasses who will help me "practice".

Anonymous said...

i have a #1 issue of this comic that i got at an antique store and i was wondering is it worth anything??? O_O