Friday, April 25, 2008

"Gal" Friday (& Classic Cutie)! Hazel Court

British actress Hazel Court passed away from a heart attack on April 15, 2008, near her home at Lake Tahoe at the age of 82. She had made a name for herself in film & television comedy roles, when she began appearing in various Hammer Horror films in the 1950's & 60's.
Her genre roles in films included: Devil Girl From Mars, The Curse of Frankenstein, Dr. Blood's Coffin, The Premature Burial, The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death and her brief final movie appearance in Omen III: The Final Conflict.
On the small screen, Hazel was in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Twelve O'Clock High, Mission: Impossible, Dr. Kildare and The Twilight Zone.
Her autobiography, Hazel Court - Horror Queen, which was previously published in Britain, is due for release in the United States in 2008.


Mr. Karswell said...

Very nice tribute Chuck... I look at that crazy outfit she's wearing in the pic and think how nice it would be to play the "Shave the Lady Clean" game that I just invented.

Chuck Wells said...

That sounds like a damn fine game, Mr. Karswell.

And here I WAS lamenting the fact that she never finished molting, so you've solved the problem.

(No disrespect due to Hazel, of course, I just envy her two husbands.)

Chuck Wells said...
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