Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Memorium: Jim Mooney

One of the most prolific artists to ever draw comic books, Jim Mooney, passed away in Florida on Sunday. He was born in 1919 and had been in failing health for some time, especially since the passing of his wife Anne in 2005.

Mooney began his career in the golden age working for Fox Publications, Fiction House and Timely Comics. His twenty-two year association with DC Comics led to his working on Batman, Superboy, Tommy Tomorrow, Dial "H" For Hero, the Legion of Super-Heroes and Supergirl. He later jumped over to Marvel where his pencils & inks were featured on such titles as Spider-Man, Thor, Marvel Team-Up, Man-Thing and Omega the Unknown.

Jim Mooney was a class act and his comics work was topnotch. Many condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.

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Mr. Karswell said...

Very nice tribute Chuck. I posted a Mooney pre-code story today in honor of the man, the legend.