Monday, March 31, 2008

Somethings Missing: Letters Pages

So, you wanna write to your favorite comic book and tell 'em how much you love the latest interstellar adventure, or the visual-stylings of their hot new artist who just jumped on board, or how "Captain Whatever" is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, well Sonny-Jim, fire that bad boy off to ..... What's that you say?

No more letters pages!

You mean to tell me that the best that I can do is to soil myself by wading into the acidic environment of an Internet website & post on a blog? But, it tends to stink in those locales and I really don't wanna hurl profanity or insults at anybody (even them that dee-serve such). Darn it, yet another thing that's missing and now nostalgically-pined for by many of us who are aging somewhat gracefully in the four-color world of fandom.

Yeah, I know that there a exceptions, but that's why letters pages are listed in the 'Somethings Missing' files .... they used to be the rule. Now mind your P's & Q's (watch your grammar and your language) partner.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. The letter pages gave readers a sense of community and also a sense of being in touch with the creators. They made comics seem less like mere product.

I also miss hand lettering, more simple colors, and covers that seemed like part of the comics themselves.