Thursday, March 6, 2008

Review: Project Superpowers #1

Project Superpowers #1 is a huge step down artwise from the "0" issue that preceded it. Gone are artists Stephen Sadowski & Doug Klauba and in their wake we are treated to Carlos Paul, who is slated to be on hand for the entire introductory arc (seven issues). And "color artist" Debora Carita. Not promising at all. I really don't like to criticize artists who are just trying to make a living, but for a book that is touted in the issue as the "flagship" title of the Dynamite line, this is an amateurish effort .... at best.

I guess they spent most of their cash on Alex Ross, who provides some spiffy covers to sucker in the unwary purchaser. Don't get me wrong, I love these golden age characters, and writer Jim Krueger and Ross have posited an interesting premise here to explain the return of the WWII contingent, but low-balling on the art side truly hurts this project - - - mightily.

The colors [ by Ms. Carita] don't really improve the terribly weak pencils of Mr. Paul, in fact the effect generated by her contribution casts all of the pages in something of a washed out look. This for $3.50 a copy. I mean, damn, for that kind of cover price, I expect a professional looking comic book from a seasoned illustrator. Not the journeyman efforts of a couple of newbies who are breaking in. Dynamite is not doing their audience any favors here. Interesting premise aside, I can't recommend Project Superpowers based on the first issue.

And that's too bad!

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