Friday, March 7, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Captain Schoolgirl

I swiped this photo from blogzarro (who declared the sweet Captain to be a "Geek Honey" of the Month) and so have decided to also make "Captain Schoolgirl" my first official "Gal" Friday featurette.
If the young lady's Myspace page is accurate, she's a an 18 year old comic book fan who apparently does her own comic book adventures and even appears "in character" at conventions [like the upcoming New York Comicon].
The intrepid student heroine claims to battle against school bullies, unruly jocks, corrupt teachers & principals and her arch nemesis, a psycho-cheerleader called The Squealer.
All I can say is, that any fetching fantasy female who flashes such phenomenal cleavage gets my attention and is a fantastic first feature for Friday's "Gal".


Unknown said...

shame she's gotta wear that mask 😧😢..!!

Unknown said...

so called "psycho cheerleader" but imo "squealers are my favorite ☺😊😆😅..!!