Friday, March 7, 2008

Review: The Twelve # 3

Marvel Comics The Twelve #3 continues J.M. Straczynski & Chris Weston's entertaining tale of a dozen World War II mystery men who've been revived in the modern world, after spending six decades in Nazi-induced suspended animation. So far the series has been a smash success, selling out each issue immediately upon release.

One fourth of the way through the year-long mini-series, we are still being brought up to speed on the individual characters themselves; and where they stand in regards to the world that has passed them by. Despite the cover (which showcases the Fiery Mask), Mr. E really gets the spotlight moment this time out, as we learn of the lengths to which Victor Jay went in his previous life to disguise who he really was [in more ways than one] and how this former conceit comes back to bite him on the arse in the here-and-now. We are also treated to a few pages of the Fiery Mask's origin, which despite being somewhat "wonky" is really an awful lot of fun; just look at those cool Weston zombies in the golden age flashback panels. Awesome stuff!

It is increasingly looking like the murderer of one of the Twelve is most likely another one of their number (the Laughing Mask does seems a bit off of his rocker in a rather quick glimpse), but who it actually is, and why, is a story for another day.

* Highly recommended.

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Mr. Karswell said...

I've been enjoying this series too and also reccomend it.

Hey, did you check out the Justice League New Frontier Special #1 came out this week? Superb! I also still have to find the New Frontier DVD too, not a single store in my po-dunk town bothered to stock it.