Monday, March 31, 2008

Legal "Action" ...

Incredible .... !

Last Wednesday, Judge Steven Larson of the United States District Court, Central District of California, made a historic ruling when he awarded Jerry Siegel’s heirs the copyright to the Superman material in Action Comics #1. The decision doesn’t resolve all the legal issues — the separate Superboy case, division of profits, etc. — but it does seem to put an end, of sorts, to a decades-long feud. The ruling is certain to be appealed by DC Comics owner, Time Warner.

This opinion doesn’t cover co-creator/artist Joe Schuster’s interests, which may be determined at a later date, but it is a major victory for the Siegel estate after 70 years.

There are many possibilities to be considered in the wake of this momentous courtroom drama, but in my opinion, the heirs of Superman's creators are at the very least, far more likely to reach a more lucrative financial arrangement with DC Comics following this decision - - - once the appeals run their course.

I hope that all comics fans join me in congratulating the Siegel's and hoping that this process can be culminated favorably as soon as possible.

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