Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heroes: "It's Coming"

The synopsis for last nights episode (11/17/2008):

"After a preemptive strike against Hiro and Ando in Africa, Arthur Petrelli orders Knox and Flint to hunt down his son Peter and granddaughter Claire. Nathan is stunned to learn his father is alive -- and leading a villainous charge to worldwide destruction. Meanwhile, back at Pinehearst, Sylar has a charged confrontation with Elle. Suresh begins testing his new, combined superpower formula. Later, with the others dead, injured or on the run, Matt attempts to wake Angela. "

Since there are only a couple more new November sweeps episodes before the series goes into a holiday break, I guess things could be worse. I do have to agree with many online sources that Hiro's Arthur Petrelli-induced mind scramble is but the latest lame effort to remove one of the shows major power players off the board for this storyline, I do give the writers a well-deserved nod for finding yet another way to make Hiro seem even dumber. [Sheesh!]

Papa Petrelli continues his reign as the series best villain, but I have grown really tired of Knox, so lets wipe the floor with this guy already. Don't know why the see-saw keeps tilting every which way, but loose (sorry; couldn't resist) as far as Elle, Sylar and Tracy, but whatever. Are they good? Are they Bad? However, Suresh is pretty much a rogue villain now, so no backing away from this one Herr Kring.

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