Friday, November 21, 2008

"Sandflower of Venus" (Ziff-Davis; courtesy of THOIA)


=link said...

this one made me grumpy! It's such a great bit of art, ruined by a fuzzy scanner. Man, spend $50 and get a new printer/scanner combo. They are so cheap these days, and so much better than a $1,000 from a few years ago.

Another thing ruining my "good art" buzz, was the lack of attribution! What book was this from?

My grumps notwithstanding, THANK YOU!!! I do indeed appreciate the gift!


=link said...

PS-who did the art, dya think? I'm betting it was one of the Barry bros. or related stylists--Frank Giacoia, Murphy Anderson etc.

Chuck Wells said...

Hdy buddy! Click on older posts immediately after this one for part two of "Sandflowers". It's from Weird Thrillers #1 and is drawn by Murphy Anderson. I got these scans from a friend, so can't help you on the clarity.