Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Magno & Davey vs. The Clown" (Part III)

This superhero yarn from Four Favorites #8 (May; 1945) was published by Ace Periodicals. I've previously posted two other stories from this issue featuring Lash Lightning & Capt. Gallant, but it has been awhile since they appeared here in the Catacombs.

Magno and Davey were created by golden age writer Paul Chadwick, who shares a name with a contemporary comic book guy (the creator of Concrete; published by Dark Horse), but there is no apparent connection between the two Chadwick's. Trivia is fun stuff isn't it? Maybe this is just an example of Earth 1/Earth 2. Ya' never know!


Upcoming on the blog will be more adventures of Rulah Jungle Goddess, the return of my "Gal" Friday feature and a few reviews of upcoming comics & films. Oh, and more "1970's Flashback" stuff. Joy!

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Anonymous said...

This story was, believe it or not, actually stolen almost word for word from "The Return of the Red Skull" in 1941's "Captain America Comics #3".
Check out the recent reprint "Captain America: The Classic Years #1" if you don't believe me!