Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1970's Flashback: Starfire (2nd version)

The 2nd DC Comics character known as Starfire first appeared in Starfire#1 (August 1976), by writer David Michelinie and artist Mike Vosburg. This version was a dark-haired swordswoman from a far off world, but that didn't save her, the series lasted for only eight issues.

Starfire's world was involved long ago in a protracted civil war between two castes: the Warrior-Priests and scientists called the Lightning Lords. Ultimately unable to defeat the other, each caste engaged alien races to serve their cause. The warrior-priests allied with the Mygorg and the Lightning Lords with the Yorgs. However, these two alien races were also hereditary enemies and soon resumed their own war on this new planet. As the conflict escalated, the Mygorg and Yorg turned the tables on their new allies by enslaving them. The world was quickly divided among the two races, Mygorg and Yorg, which vowed to continue their war against each other. The original, humanoid inhabitants continued to survive in slavery. Starfire was eventually born as the daughter of two Mygorg slaves of different skin colors. Her father was "yellow" and her mother "white". King Sookarooth of the Mygorg took notice of the young girls mixed heritage and beautiful appearance and arranged for her to be raised and educated in his palace, Castle Mollachon.

When Starfire reached her eighteenth birthday, Sookarooth presented her as his future mate. Starfire fled in disgust but was pursued by the royal forces. She was saved by a warrior-priest named Dagan. The two became lovers and Dagan trained her as a warrior. Starfire became highly skilled in swordsmanship, archery, tracking, and other skills typical to a warrior-priest. Their shared life ended when Dagan was captured by Sookarooth, who had the warrior-priest tortured and executed. A vengeful Starfire returned to Castle Mollachon and raised its slaves in revolt. She slew King Sookareth herself and vowed to free all of her worlds’ people from slavery, however the series ended before a resolution could be reached.

In an issue of another short-lived DC Comics series, Star Hunters #7, Starfire (and Claw the Unconquered) were revealed as two of the "eternal champions of the Sornaii" on the world of Pytharia [pseudo Earth]. The implications of this revelation were never explored as the Star Hunters series also ended in a cliffhanger.

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