Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Double Review: Hulk #8 & Hulk #9 (Marvel Comics)

The one thing that I don't know about this title is whether or not it is the primary Hulk title these days at Marvel or simply just another book featuring the Jade Giant. Or Grey Giant.

Or "Rulk"! Yeah, I know, but just bear with me.

Jeph Loeb, Arthur Adams and Frank Cho pull out all of the stops on this three-parter (I missed the first part), but I am left wondering why the decision was made to release these issues as a split book. I believe that readers would have been better served by having a single Arthur Adams drawn issue and then a full Frank Cho drawn issue, but whaever.

What really got me interested in picking these babies up was the presence of so many cool 1970's guest stars. In the Adams illustrated sections, Hulk is joined by Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and Brother Voodoo in a fight against a horde of Wendigos. The Cho pencilled sections feature She-Hulk leading a new lineup of Lady Liberators that includes Thundra, Valkyrie, Invisible Woman, Tigra, Storm, Hellcat, Black Widow and Spider-Woman in battle with the Red Hulk (aka "Rulk").

Now can someone explain to me just who and what this Rulk really is?

I DO wish that either Adams or Cho would continue on as regular artist on the title, but based on the solicitation for the next issue this trilogy was an extended fill-in by the two marquee artists.

Too bad! They were why I bought them in the first place, but I will console myself by seeking out the part that I missed. These issues were alot of fun and I recommend them to everyone that enjoys a little superhero action from a publisher that increasingly seems to have forgotten what that is all about.

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