Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unfinished Storylines: Youngblood: Bloodsport

2003: After shafting Kurt Busiek in an earlier attempt to relaunch his Youngblood characters, while at the same time trading upon some ideas left over from Alan Moore's earlier romp with the same concepts, Rob Liefeld tried - yet again - to reintroduce his former Image Comics series to a desperately deprived public.

"The long awaited, much anticipated next chapter in the carnage filled saga that is YOUNGBLOOD: BLOODSPORT! Written by MARK MILLAR. Shaft vs. Battlestone! Cougar vs. Doc Rocket! Sentinel vs. Die Hard! Suprema vs. Twilight! There can be only one as the fight for ultimate survival spills into the streets of Los Angeles! Who will reign supreme and lead the inter-dimensional squadron into the next era!"

Yeah, right!

Only one official issue managed to eke its way out into the world, though a second issue was cobbled together for a bootleg edition. Liefeld is an acquired taste, and despite his awkward artistic fumbling which often has characters mysteriously changing uniforms within the same battle sequences or romping about with multiple visible limbs or two left feet, for instance, he is at the very least .... interesting.

The same can't be said for this aborted Youngblood mini-series. Did anybody read this? Did it make any kind of sense?

I don't know, but I would be curious to find out if anyone out there can enlighten me.

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