Thursday, December 23, 2010

K-9 (Chesler;1941)

Last Thursday the Catacombs presented "Calling All Cars", a police strip from Dynamic Comics #1 and yesterday I promised a golden age story that howled from the same comic. "K-9" presents the introduction & origin of a police dog and his handlers.

Okay, sue me!

It ain't the title character that will make you "howl" at this tale. It's the ridiculous names of the other two protagonists in this adventure. Tip Starr and Dick Starr. Maybe it's just me, but knowing that supporting characters often had lousy names back in the 1940's didn't really keep me from tittering at this pair of losers. The porn industry should adopt these as aliases in my opinion.

The uncredited writer and artist must have been on something, so we'll just bust the behind the scenes guys; editor Phil Sturm, art director Charles Sultan and publisher Harry "A" Chesler, Jr. Today you're also getting to read the one page text filler, Smoke.

A single strip remains from this classic issue and that one hits next Thursday. Afterwards I'm returning to a double weekly dose of jungle action, and if I forget to mention it during tomorrows "Gal" Friday featurette, Happy Christmas.


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