Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sgt. Bell, R.A.F. Demon (Chesler;1941)

Man, it was really hard to tear myself away from Pandora tonight in order to get this final story from Chesler's Dynamic Comics #1 (Oct 1941) posted.

I was chilling out listening to the likes of Sinatra, Martin, Bennett, Darin, Presley, Cole and well you get the picture. Classic tunes, classic entertainers....ah, bliss!

The short and sweet version: This is the origin of Sgt. Bell, R.A.F. Demon, who is a fighter pilot, how he manages to be an enlisted man and rate that lofty duty is beyond me? The back cover reproduces the covers of all four of Dynamic Publications, Inc.'s titles that started anywhere from a month before this issue to two month afterwards.



Mykal Banta said...

This artwork really qualifies as charming. The artwork is so simple, yet so effective - as is the script. I love how no effort was made to draw a real English or German plane beyond markings - and it works like a charm.

PS: Watch yourself with Mass Effect, my friend. I am currently hip deep in PS3s Call of Duty - Black Ops - it can be the monster that ate our life if you're not careful!

Chuck Wells said...

The warning came to late, Mykal. ME2 is lots of fun, and my sons first purchase was Call of Duty - Black Ops, so the men of the family are both doomed.

Mykal Banta said...

Call of Duty black ops is a magnificent game. My son is visiting me for the holidays. So far, our favorites are CODBO and Dead Rising II.