Monday, December 20, 2010

Neither Rag, Nor Rock

It's the holidays folks, so other than my regular story posts on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & this weeks "Gal" Friday selection, I am planning a light week.

This alternate cover for Avengers Prime #5 is drawn by the great Arthur Adams. Now just look at this stunning beauty and tell me that you wouldn't love to have Adams as the regular Thor interior artist? Back in the mid-1980s, Adams produced the art on a few X-Men annuals, and a New Mutants special edition that featured characters & elements from Thor. I've wanted Adams to offer his take on the Asgardians of the Marvel Universe ever since, and this little gem certainly helps assuage that yearning.

Art, you really have the knack for the Norse stuff. At least the Marvel Comics version!!


BastaComix said...

Damn skippy, we would ALL love to see Art do his thing in Marvel's Asgard.
And YES, that cover is a BEAUTY!
Thanks tons!

cash_gorman said...

I love Adams' art though I think he has a problem maintaining a monthly schedule.

I have a problem with the title of a comic being Avengers Prime and NOT feature Henry Pym and Janet.