Friday, April 8, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Whitney Able

I just finished watching a terrific film on Netflix, which explains why today's "Gal" Friday selection is not whom I had intended to go with originally.

Whitney Able had her first big role in the 2006 teen horror and Sundance cult classic All The Boys Love Mandy Lane in which she played a supporting role. Her performance was well received by critics and audiences alike. Able next appeared in the horror flick, Unearthed in a bit role, but the film was critically panned. In 2010, Able starred in yet another horror genre film, the independent, low budget thriller Monsters, in which she played the lead female character. This is the film that I just watched, and it deservedly won various awards and established Able's career.

Give it a look at some point and you will perhaps fall in love with Ms. Able too. Oh, and she apparently married Scoot McNairy (her Monsters co-star) in July 2010. I really enjoyed his performance in the movie, but now I don't really like the guy at all. Nobody should be that lucky, unless of course its me, and there's no chance of that. Trust me!

Whitney Able is also a fan of Led Zeppelin (points for that) and she has lived in Spain and Mexico. Now, she earns a permanent spot in the Catacombs, so I take solace in that if nothing else.


Mykal Banta said...

Chuck: I liked Monsters a great deal, too. Such pefect attention to detail and, as you point out, Able was fantastic.

My goodness, she does look fine in a bathing suit. I wouldn't have guessed. God loves a long-legged blonde.

borky said...

"Chuck Wells: Sexy as hell; if you look hard enough or if you regularly abuse".

And looking at your pic, Chuck with its header, 'About Me', and its curious footer, 'alcohol', I see what you mean.

But therein lies the secret of my plan of the utmost simplicity: all y'have to do is lure Scoot Mc'Hairy' out the way, Ms. Able misses him so much she begins to "regularly abuse", goes blind as a result - and you're in!

Chuck Wells said...

Pouring salt into wounds is an underappreciated talent, borky.

I'm of the opinion that under the proper degree of intoxication, Whitney Able would be easily won over by my willingness, desire to learn and enthusiasm, but then I've just polished off a bottle of gin; so what the hell do I know?