Saturday, April 2, 2011

Science Fiction/Double Feature Finale: "The Man Who Killed A World" (Ziff-Davis;1952)

This is the end!

Artist Paul Parker, who contributed several early stories in this series run, takes pencil in hand one final time for the very last tale from the very last issue of Amazing Adventures #6 (Fall 1952); originally published by Ziff-Davis. "The Man Who Killed a World" pits human Don Evans against a Martian counterpart in a battle to the death for the precious resource of drinking water and only a simple quirk of fate ultimately wins the day for Earth.

Thank you all for stopping by over the past few months for this weekly posting event. I enjoyed presenting these stories quite a bit. The second feature today is the half-page humor filler "Fun in the Future" and the accompanying promo ad for the Ziff-Davis title "Crusader From Mars".


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